Whether in the city or the country, our aim is locating the precise property for a client and delivering an exceptional end-to-end service that not only guarantees every aspect of a purchase is satisfied to the highest level, but ensures an outstanding property is transformed into the client’s ultimate home.


Once a client joins Huntly Hooper, we formulate a structure for them from the beginning, so that all requirements are catered for and handled in the best possible way, both in terms of finding the right property quickly and efficiently, but also taking into account all financial and legal considerations.

This means that we establish a team specific to the client, both in terms of the right person from the company, but also external companies such as law firms to advise on what legal structure should be used, and private banks to provide financing. We also work closely with a client’s existing private advisors.

Once the team has been organised, then the process for acquiring the perfect home begins, underpinned by a structure that guarantees a quick acquisition can be sought.