This is an example of a model that we have created for one of our private
clients. However, each model is bespoke to a client’s needs and formulated
to maximise returns. Please click any section for information.

The client may be a private individual, trust fund or family office wanting to invest in prime residential property. A specific plan and structure will be set up that is bespoke to individual aims and needs. The client can be as actively involved in the creation of the investment portfolio as he or she wishes to be, or we can provide a more discretionary service where a client approves the acquisitions on our advice.

Client Fund

Vehicles that have been specifically formed for the portfolio will be created that will be wholly owned by the client, within which properties will be acquired. The client will have full legal rights and control of the assets, which will be managed by us on a day-to-day basis.

Huntly Hooper

Huntly Hooper will acquire and manage property for the client’s investment portfolio, which will be held as a separate vehicle. We will assume the position of the client’s main point of contact for the investment portfolio, whilst managing and working with all other parties involved.

Investment Opportunities

We will source and acquire specific opportunities from the market for the client and carry out all the necessary due diligence. The client will be presented with each opportunity we approve.

Property professionals

We source recommended property professionals to work on the assets within the investment portfolio where necessary.

Design & Architecture

Design professionals will be appointed to maximise the value of the assets within the investment portfolio. These professionals will be chosen on a tender basis and assessed for suitability for each asset.


Where a client wishes to use financing within the investment portfolio, we will source various external organisations to provide the best possible terms and rates. We can also liaise with a client’s existing financial partners.


Law firms will be appointed to work with us on the investment portfolio in order to establish the necessary vehicle and also carry out the legal transactions on each property. We can work with clients existing legal advisors or recommend suitable partners for any project.

Investment infrastructure

Huntly Hooper will outsource those parts of the letting and management process that will benefit from the involvement of companies providing services that will help maximise the return on each property. Any services outsourced will be detailed to the client for approval.