The Huntly Hooper service is tailored to every client, with his or her needs at the heart of what we do. However, it is also structured along specific elements to maximise the offering we can provide. In such a way, we produce the best possible investment results.

Asset Acquisition

At Huntly Hooper, we handle the process of sourcing investment opportunities from the market. We obtain opportunities from the market, but also from our network of private contacts, who can introduce us to exclusive deals that we are then able to recommend to our clients for consideration following our due diligence.

The way we work is structured in such a way that our interests are purely aligned with our clients, and therefore we are only interested in the best opportunities for them that we believe will out-perform the market as a whole. Opportunities are offered to each client exclusively for their consideration.

Assets selected and acquired are in accordance with the Investment Strategy approved by the client at the Investment Structure stage. Reports are produced on each opportunity, analysing the various risks, considerations and the potential returns supported by the use of market data.