The Huntly Hooper service is tailored to every client, with his or her needs at the heart of what we do. However, it is also structured along specific elements to maximise the offering we can provide. In such a way, we produce the best possible investment results.

Investment Structure

Our service is designed for long-term wealth generation and protection. Before we even begin the process of buying property, we work with our clients, and other professionals, to establish specific legal structures within which to hold the property assets once purchased. Any structure chosen will be completely bespoke to that client and their wider legal, financial and personal circumstances.

This process will involve working with the client’s current advisors, but will most likely also involve selecting other specific advisors who will be integral to the success of the portfolio to join the team.

At this stage, we will also formulate an Investment Strategy to clarify the aims of the client and the portfolio, which will be approved before we start the process of asset acquisition.