Prime properties in central London are among the most sought-after in the world, attracting huge international demand for the best homes at the most elite addresses. Owing to limited supply, competition for these properties is very high. The most exclusive and desirable often never reach the open market.

At Huntly Hooper, we ensure our clients are often the first to hear about these properties, through our own network of trusted agents and private contacts. In addition, we actively seek out specific properties that are not on the market if they suit a client’s exact requirements.

Prices in prime central London have remained strong throughout the economic downturn and the same level of growth, or higher, is predicted to continue. However, values differ greatly on a street-by-street basis which is unfathomable to those without sound market intelligence. We provide clients with specific and detailed data on chosen properties, enabling them to make informed buying decisions.

As leading experts within the market, our team at Huntly Hooper can also spot anomalies in prime areas from which our clients can benefit. New developments, infrastructure projects and changes to planning policy are all tracked in order to allow our clients to significantly out-perform the average investor.