Huntly Hooper is based in London, but we are well placed to acquire country houses and sporting estates throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Clients looking for such properties often want homes that will last for generations, places that can be used to entertain family and friends for years to come
and that offer a sanctuary from the pressures of modern life.

Finding such properties that are uncompromised, in countryside that is unspoilt, is challenging; premium examples rarely come to market, more usually passed down the family line or sold very privately. Such opportunities can be missed, or never even heard about, and to gain access to such premium locations  requires dedicated, full-time submersion within the market – something which we provide.

We ensure that our clients are first in line for such unmissable opportunities, using our own private contacts to gain access before they reach other buyers. Of equal importance is the fact that we understand the fundamentals that make an estate or country house truly special, and therefore only introduce our clients to the best, saving them a huge amount of time in their search.

The country market has been less dynamic than the London one over recent years, and therefore represents a good time to acquire for clients looking for a long term family home that can be enjoyed for generations to come.