Each project that Huntly Hooper is involved with is unique in its way – as are the challenges it presents. We pride ourselves on not only meeting but surpassing expectations and we are proud of the many testimonials we have received from our clients to that effect.

“I simply cannot imagine how I could have moved house without Huntly Hooper. I had no idea where to begin; in the end, all I needed was this company! I was constantly impressed by the diligence and consistency with which properties were researched and selected, despite my extremely specific (and perhaps over demanding) list of criteria; as well as the truly astounding depth of knowledge and the conscientious behavior displayed by HH throughout.

I not only saved immeasurable amounts of time and money, I have since recommended their flawless services to friends and family members, not one of whom has been anything less than delighted with their common sense, expertise and professionalism. I strongly recommend this excellent company to anybody seeking professional property advice – I can only wish that you may be as blissfully happy in your home or business as I am in mine. Thank you Huntly Hooper”

Lady L Macmillan