Each project that Huntly Hooper is involved with is unique in its way – as are the challenges it presents. We pride ourselves on not only meeting but surpassing expectations and we are proud of the many testimonials we have received from our clients to that effect.

“In connection with our intention to acquire an apartment in London, we came, via recommendation, in contact with Huntly Hooper. In accordance with our wishes, inter alia, locality, dimension, appearance and price, we were presented with a selection of highly suitable apartments in London. After a further selection process and physical inspection of the property in London the business was concluded in a most satisfactory way. The law firm recommended by Huntly Hooper solved all the legal questions in an excellent manner.

Our estimation is that we were very professionally treated and the handling of the whole process we experiences as being most serious. We would remain in Stockholm during the whole process except for the physical inspection, whilst Huntly Hooper took care of the whole package on our behalf. In addition the entire process was conducted as expeditiously as possible. It only remains to give Huntly Hooper our warmest recommendation.”

SCAB, Stockholm