The prime residential market in the UK is complex and with the numerous number of agencies selling property throughout the UK, the process is time-consuming, fraught with challenges, and emotional.

We as a company only ever represent buyers, and we act exclusively and independently for them, in much the same way as a client’s private office, to make the process efficient and enjoyable. Our interests are therefore purely aligned with our clients, and as such we can source the best property from across the market and the numerous agencies, as well as our own network of private sources. This affords our clients access to a premium level of property that they are unlikely to locate themselves. Our clients also know that we are absolutely discreet, never revealing information to a third party unless instructed to do so.

Owing to our track record, selling agents trust our team at Huntly Hooper to ensure a smooth and swift completion of a deal, and so are happy to recommend them to their own clients. This in turn benefits our own clients, both in terms of having first refusal on premium properties, and the eventual price and terms negotiated.

In addition, owing to the savings we make on behalf of our clients throughout the buying process, we provide the only financially sensible route to the market for buyers of prime UK property.